Here are some answers to questions that many customers have asked us. Take a look and if you don't see your question being asked... Please contact us!
  • Do we ship worldwide?
    • Yes we do! Standard shipping rates apply around the world. Depending on your location, rates may be a little higher. Free shipping, however, is available over $25.00 (for select countries).
  • Can you track your package?
  • How long will it take to obtain your package?
    • Depends on your location. We aim to have your orders to your door for 3 -14 days. Again, some places in the world may take longer. Check out our track package page to see the location of your item.
  • Are all of your jewelry custom made?
    • Yes it is! Our entire collection is custom made to your specification. Please measure your desired size correctly and send us a message when you purchased your desired product.
  • Why does your custom made jewelry line take longer to ship?
    • Our customized jewelry is custom made! It means that were creating it just for you (the way you want it). So please be patient when waiting for your product!
  • How long does your custom made jewelry line take?
    • Our customized jewelry takes about 7-14 days. So, please be patient. It'll be worth the wait!
  • How long does it take for your clothing to ship?
    • Our Clothing line takes about 7- 14 days depending on where you are located?