Heart Of The Ocean Floor Necklace
Heart Of The Ocean Floor Necklace
Heart Of The Ocean Floor Necklace


Heart Of The Ocean Floor Necklace

Everlasting Heart Of The Ocean Necklace Is inspired by the deep mysteriousness of our ocean where untold beauty is yet to be discovered. This elegant Necklace signifies the deep connection you share with someone special in your life.  

At the end of the film Titanic, the heroine who has become an old lady throws a jewel she has miraculously preserved into the sea, despite the sinking of the ship/ This necklace featuring a beautiful blue diamond, the " Heart of the Ocean" is a jewel made world famous by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio

More Details

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Pendant Size: 34mm*45mm
Material: Crystal
Shape: Heart
chain length: 45cm
Surface processing: Platinum plating
Weight: 26g
Package: Necklace & Velvet gift bag

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